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Coaches Info on Developmental Program

Developmental Program Information for Coaches 

Any and all players are welcome to participate in CSA In-House Developmental Program. The focus of the Program is to put players in an environment that is fun, competitive and where the focus is on learning. Players individual improvement is celebrated vs. team success.  In all of these programs every player must play at least ½ of each game except for reasons of injury, illness or discipline. No score is kept or reported. The games are an opportunity to play for fun, where participation and trying is the focus, not who wins.
u5 – u7 FUNdamental Program
Introduction to soccer includes teaching: fundamental movements, running (forwards, backwards and sideways), jumping, turning, twisting and bending. Individual players spend as much time with the ball as possible and everything is done for FUN!  
    u5/u6 Training and Games:
Training sessions will be run by Soccer Shot Coaches under the direction of Eric Wales. Parent coaches will participate and facilitate activities for these age groups as well as running the scrimmages and games for their team.  Typical schedule is 1 to 1 training - game ratio, except the first week.

     u7u8 Training and Games:
Training session will be run by parent coaches activities for these age groups will be provided as well as a Instructional Session ran by Eric Wales from Soccer Shots. Typical schedule is 1 to 1 training - game ratio, except the first week.                   
                                Weekday – Training Session                         Weekend – Game  
No Refs will be used for the u5 through u8 games. Coaches are to restart play when the ball goes out of bounds on the sidelines, with a pass-in. This is considered a direct free kick from where the ball went out of play, with the opponents four yards from the ball until it is in play. If the ball goes over the end line then a goal kick will start play, or at midfield after a goal. No slide tackling is allowed. One coach from each team is allowed on the field to assist players.  Substitutions can be made at any stoppage and are unlimited. There is no off-sides. All fouls shall result in a direct free kick. The coach/parent must explain ALL infringements to the offending player.
u8 – u10 Developmental Program
Still an introduction to soccer includes teaching movement skills while teaching basic techniques. Focus is providing players repetition of skills in small group environments.  
Training sessions within this program will have players grouped based on ability, so that the training sessions will be relevant to the players in the session. Players new to the game can really focus on the basic technical skills needed to be successful and players that are more advanced are being challenged in training.  
Players will be put on to teams where talent is evenly distributive. Games will then be competitive and all players will be able to enjoy the games. The ratio of training to games is 3 to 1, with players training twice in ability groups, once with Team, followed by a game.
                   Weekday – Ability Group Session                           Weekend – Ability Group Session
                   Weekday – Team Training Session                         Weekend – Game Day
Each age group has a Leadership Team that will provide guidance to the volunteer coaches. They will do the ability grouping and will form teams with the help of the coaches.


Throw Ins will be used from the sidelines. There is no off-side’s. Fragrant fouls will be called but try to let the kids play. Coaches are not allowed on the field of play unless they are serving as a ref for the games. CSA will assign refs when possible.

 u8 Games              4v4 no gk's
 u9/10 Games         6v6 w/gk's

   Playing Guidelines can be found here. 

u11/u12 Developmental Program
Technical development is still the main focus but some basic tactical principles are introduced. Players are put into larger groups. Games will have referees, off-side’s will be called, direct and indirect fouls will be given.              

The u11/u12 Coed will run similar to our u8/u9/u10 programs as Joel Bancroft and our u11 travel coaches will act as the Leadership Team for the group. Joel will provide session outlines and scheduling information for coaches.              

The u11/u12 Girls program will have training session run by parent coaches, appropriate activities for these age groups are provided on the web for coaches at Soccer Interactive.
Typical schedule is 3 to 1 training - game ratio. 


u13/u14 Developmental Program

In this age group programming has been designed to provide players with some technical work to improve individual skill but focused on providing players the opportunity to play.


            Monday's - Sessions will be lead by professional Coaches. 


            Saturday’s -  Games will be organized amongst our group but also outside organizations.


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