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Non-Residential Courses

The NSCAA boasts a robust non-residential course program that provides education, support and professional growth for coaches at all levels of the game.  Non-residential courses vary in length and are intended primarily for coaches in a particular community and region, so lodging and meals are not part of the course packages.  Because the NSCAA appreciates the desire of coaches to take courses germane to the level of player they are coaching, only a few of the courses have prerequisites (noted below).  Nonetheless, coaches who progress through all NSCAA courses benefit immensely from the developmental approach taken in our curriculum.

Residential Courses
NSCAA residential courses are scheduled at predetermined sites for one-week periods of time, and residence on-site or in the area of the course is required.  Sites for residential courses in a given year are located around the United States and are usually posted on our website in the autumn of the preceding year.  Residential courses are intended to be taken progressively (i.e. National prior to Advanced National, etc.) and it is strongly recommended that coaches wait one full year between these courses so as to be able to learn from using the knowledge garnered in one course before moving on to the next course.
     Course     Coaching Level     Time Commitment
Youth Level I Diploma U-5 to U-8 2.5 hours
Youth Level II Diploma U-5 to U-10 5 hours
Youth Level III Diploma U-6 to U-10 13 hours
Youth Level IV Diploma U9 to U12 21 hours
Junior Level V Diploma U11 to U18 13 hours
Junior Level VI Diploma U11 to U18 21 hours
Junior Level VI Supplement* U11 to U18 8 hours
High School Diploma High School 21 hours
Special Topics Diplomas Varies by location Varies by location
Director of Coaching Diploma* Directors of Coaching and Club Leadership 21 hours
National Diploma Coaches of U-15 Club or High School players and above  50 hours instruction, 6 hours evaluation
Advanced National Diploma* Coaches of U-15 Club or High School players and above  50 hours instruction, 6 hours evaluation

Since its founding in 1941, the NSCAA has grown to include more than 30,000 members who coach both genders at all levels of the sport. In addition to a national rankings program for colleges and high schools, NSCAA offers an extensive recognition program that presents nearly 10,000 individual awards every year. The NSCAA fulfills its mission of coaching education through a nationwide program of clinics and week-long courses, teaching more than 6,000 soccer coaches each year.



If you're looking to further your coaching knowledge and become the best soccer coach you can be, we offer countless coaching courses to guide you. If you'd like to organize a technical session about passing or a tactical session about a flat back four, we've got the resources and personnel to help make that happen.  If you're managing parents, recruiting student-athletes, or helping your players make decisions on or off the field, your fellow members have been there too and can offer considered advice.


From coaches to administrators, parents to players, the NSCAA hosts a myriad of events for all members of the soccer community. Whether you're looking for coaching inspiration and ideas, or interested in meeting and mingling with fellow football aficionados, the NSCAA offers educational gatherings, international trips and engaging events for everybody involved in the beautiful game.  


When you join the NSCAA, you join a community of coaches, administrators, parents, fans and friends who live and breathe the beautiful game just like you do. You join a network of individuals who share many of the same issues, concerns and questions as you.  You join more than 30,000 other coaches who say time and time again that the number one thing they love about the NSCAA is the collegiality. Join today to take advantage of the networking opportunities available to members and receive benefits ranging from professional liability insurance to Soccer Journalthe official publication of NSCAA, and more. Special membership offerings are available for youth clubs/organizations and soccer companies.

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