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Fall u11/12 Developmental


U11/12 Developmental Program

During the season this page will be updated for parents and coaches with important information on the season and events.
Thank you for signing your child up for the CSA Developmental Program. Below are the current groups for the 1st week of training. Please know what group your child is in when coming to the field on the first day and have you child report to the assigned field for check in. Each week you will receive a reminder email informing you one of two things:

 1. This is a ability training week – report to you colors training field

 2. This is a team week – report to your teams field  (we will post teams after the first week of training)

Please note that during the first week ability groups and teams maybe be adjusted as needed.

            Wednesday         6:00 pm       |       Saturday              1:00 pm               U11/12 DP Google Calendar

U11/12 Developmental Schedule


 Sun, Sept 10
 Session 1  Optional Clinic
 Wed, Sept 13 
 Session 2 Role of 1st Attacker / Throw Ins
 Sun, Sept 17
 Session 3  3v3 / 4v4 Play - When to Dribble? When to Pass? When to Shot?
 Wed, Sept 20
 Session 4 Team Session - Coaches Choice   (cover kick off and goal kicks) 
 Sat, Sept 23
 Session 5
 Wed, Sept 27
 Session 6 Defending Principles - Pressure/Cover
 Sun, Oct 1
 Session 7 Combination Play to Goal
 Wed, Oct 4
 Session 8 Team Session - Coaches Choice  
 Sat, Oct 7
 Session 9 Games
 Wed, Oct 11
 Session 10 Team Session - Coaches Choice
 Sat, Oct 14
 Session 11
 Festival at Fogelman
 Wed, Oct 18
 Session 12
 Possession with Purpose
 Sun, Oct 22
 Session 13
 3v3 Tournament
 Wed, Oct 25
 Session 14 Team Session - Coaches Choice
 Sat, Oct 28
 Session 15 Games
 Wed, Nov 1
 Session 16 Team Session - Coaches Choice
 Sat, Nov 4
 Session 17 Games


U11.12 Developmental Training Groups:

Blue Training Group

Red Training Group
1 Noah Ayata
1 Pablo Aradillas
2 Seamus Babcock
2 Jerry Bugden
3 Remmington Bailey
3 Brian Chen
4 Clare Banker
4 AJ Corson
5 Sophie Baylis
5 Keira Drohan
6 Rachel Behringer
6 Andrew Field
7 Ojal Bhattarai
7 Gyasi Franklin
8 Brady Bucher
8 Angelo Gallucci
9 Sofia Cardenas-Miller
9 Yannick Habiyaremye
10 Nathan Czekaj
10 Roman Kovtun
11 cole fuller
11 Stephen Liu
12 Nathan Haas
12 Daniel Maciejczyk
13 Logan Harpster
13 Kinzley Miller
14 John Held
14 Taiki Murakami
15 Ian Jegla
15 Alex Ruggiero
16 Brady Kimble
16 Adaunis Smith
17 William Kuhns
17 Hannah Zaritski
18 Sophia Marsala

19 Reece Miller

20 Lilia Sahoo

21 Tate's Sanderson

22 Nicholas Shetler





playing 7v7.pdf
7v7 goal kicks .pdf
7v7 cornerkickoptions.pdf
7v7 build out line.pdf

  Thank you for volunteering your time to coach. Centre Soccer is a community program and requires a mixture of professional programing run by volunteers. Below you will find the sessions for the season designed by our professional staff to meet the developmental needs of this age group.
  __________ will lead the CSA U11/12 Development Program. They will provide you with training session outlines for the Ability Group Training days and help as needed on Team Training days. It is important that we organize sessions that are fun but also teach players the skills of the game. We will finish every session with small-sided games.

  The Director will be your first point of contact and you will be the main point of contact for your Team so please make sure you have a clear understanding of the programming and are communicating with your players and parents throughout the season.
  They will provide coaches with developmentally appropriate activities for the players and will oversee all areas of this age group. Due to the #'s in this age group we will at times play outside competition so that we provide players with a positive game day experience. The schedule has been adjusted due to a couple holidays.
  Thank you again. Enjoy the Season.

We will have all coaches go through a training session on the first day of training. While PSU Soccer Players and Coaches run a clinic for the players. We will go through the curriculum, the philosophy of the program and answer any questions you may have. This is a mandatory meeting, if for some reason you can not make it please contact us at [email protected]

Developmental Program - For intermediate to experienced players. Focus is on technical development but some basic tactical principles are introduced. Players are put into larger groups. Players often move from the CSA Developmental Program on to CSA Travel Teams.

Training to Game Ratio 3 to 1
Weeknight Session 1:   Training Session: Soccer skills and movements in Ability Groups
Weekend Session 2:     Training Session: Soccer skills and movements in Ability Groups
Weeknight Session 3:   Training Session: with Team Coaches
Weekend Session 4:     Game Day with Team Coaches
GAMES:   7 v 7 with gk's  or  9 v 9 with gk's | 2 x 30 min halves  | Refs will be provided vs. outside competition



If an activity dose not fit the needs of the player, the player will show either frustration or boredom, depending on if the exercise is too easy or too difficult. By ability grouping we are able to make sure that the training activities are neither. Children grow at different rates, even within the same age groups, some are shorter or taller, some have better balance, are stronger, etc. If a player is new to the game, they can learn in a safe, fun environment. If a player has been playing for years and needs to be challenged they will be. All players are then able to find success and learn in the activities within their groups.

For more look up *The “Slanty Line” concept. Built on the belief that with every activity, each participant should have the opportunity to participate at their own ability level. 

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