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Formation Basics



Centre Soccer Association is committed to players development, organizing small side games is part of creating the best environment for young players to learn the game. Small pictures are clearer for children; space and options are more compatible with their abilities.


    3 v 3 Basics 

3 v 3 games are an excellent way to introduce soccer concepts to players of all ages. Three players make a triangle, the games most popular shape. The game naturally puts players in to a good shape on the field. It is easy to teach the principles of the games as well. Theses small sided games also allow for lots of 1 v 1 opportunities.   

   u5 - u6                  3 v 3                         4 x 8 min quarters              #3             No GK

    4 v 4 Basics
4 v 4 games accelerates development of technical ability and game intelligence. It has all the elements of a real soccer match, by naturally setting up players in a diamond. In a real soccer match children have the option of passing the ball forwards, square or backwards. 4v4 also provides the minimum numbers needed for all of the parts that make up a soccer game. One player is up top for penetration. Two are needed for width and one holds back to supply depth. In 4v4 the responsibilities are very clear. All tasks are covered and none are shared, which keeps things simple during soccer drills and match situations.

    u7 - u8                  4 v 4                         4 x 12 min quarters            #3             No GK

    6 v 6 Basics

    u9 - u10                6 v 6                         2 x 25 min halves               #4             with GK's
    u11 - u12              8 v 8                         2 x 30 min halves               #4             with GK's
    u13 +                   11 v 11                      2 x 40 min halves               #5             with GK's


Attacking Principles

  First Attacker - player with the ball
  Second Attackers - players closest to the ball, providing support
  Third Attacker - players

Defending Principles

  First Defender - player closest to the ball
  Second Defenders - players
  Third Defenders - players  

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