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Guidelines for Parents

Centre Soccer is committed to providing soccer opportunities for players at all ability levels. We recognize that at times it is hard for parent's to shift through all the options and make good, educated choices for their child. Below we have put together some resources for you to educate yourself on what is best for your son or daughter. Some facts to guide you are below...

  • Nearly 63% of youngsters aged 6 to 17 participate in team sports.
  • The participation rate hit its highest point at the age of 11 at 72%.
  • By age 17, the participation rate dipped to 49%, and continues to drop rapidly after that.
  • Soccer participation peaks at the age of eight.

Emphasizing Having Fun, Developing Skills, and Striving to Win

The reason you should emphasize fun is quite simple: Without it, your child may not want to keep playing. Children don’t have fun when they stand around in practice or sit on the bench during games, when they feel pressure to win, and when they don’t improve or learn new skills. Conversely, they do have fun when practices are well organized, they get to play in games, they develop new skills, and the focus is on striving to win. A focus on developing skills and striving to win takes the pressure off winning, which as we say, no one child is in control of. But all children can improve their sport skills. And when they see that improvement, they are usually motivated to improve more. Developing skills is one of the most satisfying aspects of playing a sport.

For how Centre Soccer is trying to keep players in the game...from CSA's Technical Director.  Click Here.

From the Positive Coaching Alliance

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