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Example of League Travel Demand Analysis for All U12

Often we receive questions about the travel commitment needed to play in PA West leagues. This is a comparison of actual travel of 6 teams of U12 players playing in various leagues from State College.
In Spring 2015, Centre Soccer had two U12 Boys teams (Centre Sabres and Centre Storm), and two U12 Girls teams (Centre Breakers and Centre Strikers). Each gender had a PAWest/USYS Division 4 and a Division 5 team for each age group. The Division 5 teams played in PA West's Mountain District 5 league. The Division 4 teams played teams from anywhere in PA West.  As a PA West & USYS member, Centre Soccer teams have home games in State College, usually at Fogleman Field.  We looked at the actual schedule for each team, mapped out the travel distance & time from the State College Borough and totaled it for the season. As a further comparison, we also tracked the travel time of a U12 Boys and a U12 Girls teams with State College players playing for a US Club option and entered in the CPYSL in Mifflin County.

Please note that in PA West leagues, District 5 is a local, geographically restricted league of teams from PAWest clubs. Teams entering that league must be from other PA West clubs in our District, as depicted in green on this map.  As our teams advance and improve, we consider then entering Division 4, which will include the best teams from anywhere in PA West, and will include teams from the larger metro areas of Pittsburgh and Erie. The competition in this league is very high, and at U12, will typically include all of the best players in PA West.  We only enter this Division when the players are ready to justify the increased travel.  As a comparison, it is important to note the play level of our local PA West Mountain District 5 league, with significantly less travel, is on par with the CPYSL's Divisions 2 & 3, and greater than CPYSL Divisions 4/5.  The play level of PA West Division 4 is on par or exceeds the CPYSL's Division 1 or Premier.

The amount of travel will vary season by season based the home-away distribution and the location of the teams in the league. However, this comparison is very useful to help understand the general travel demands for each league.


-Teams playing in PA West Mountain District 5 leagues (Centre Breakers, Centre Sabres) travel significantly less than all other leagues, including leagues of similar play levels in the CPYSL.

-Teams playing in PA West Division 4 leagues (Centre Strikers, Centre Storm) are traveling the same OR LESS than teams playing in the CPYSL, at any CPYSL level

U12 Girls- Spring 2015- Centre Breakers & Centre Strikers

U12 Boys- Spring 2015- Centre Sabres and Centre Storm

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