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Adult Programs

Centre Soccer’s Recreational Programs are for players who want to continue playing in a fun, local environment. Leagues play in State College and offer multiple levels of competition. Our most competitive league is the State College Premier League (SCPL).  You may play for multiple leagues during a season, but only on one team per league.

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Soccer Game


1.) All adults pay a $35 yearly membership.   The annual membership fee is automatically charged with your first registration of the year, and there is no action required  on your part to complete the membership step.  
2.) Registering for both Pick-up, Scrambles, & Adult Rec League programs

You can request up to one friend to play with, and they must request you to complete the request. Questions, email:
3.) For Premier League players already assigned to a team, you will get an invite from your captain. If you have questions about registering for the Premier League, email


Soccer Game

How to Sign up!

  1. Click the blue "Click here to sign up" button

  2. Create an account with PlayMetrics

  3. Go to Club Programs

  4. Choose 2024 Adult Programs

  5. Select any program you would like to participate in.

  6. Make payment.

Available Adult Programs

These programs are listed in order of competitiveness from intermediate to advanced.

Adult Pick Up

Registration for Adult Pick Up is included in our Annual Adult Player Membership! Adult Pick Up is for beginning to experienced soccer players. Pick Up sessions are meant to complement the Adult Leagues (REC and SCPL) . Usual days are Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings at varying locations in State College. The atmosphere is meant to be fun and experienced players should adjust level of play so all players feel welcome.

**NEW!** Female Only Pick Up

Registration for Female Pick up is included in our Annual Adult Player Membership ($35)! Female pick up is for beginning to experienced soccer players. It will be held Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings at Circleville throughout the summer. If you have kiddos playing in Developmental/Fundamental Summer Pick Up- they will play at the same field location at the same time!

Adult Rec League

CSA's Adult Rec League is for players of an intermediate level who have some experience playing soccer. The Rec league is intended to be a relaxed atmosphere for players to have fun, get some exercise while playing soccer.  If you are unsure of your playing level, try our pickup program first. All rec players can sign up as individuals and we will assign you to a team. You can play with a friend by specifying that in registration. This league plays outdoors in three separate league seasons, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Questions? Contact Matt at adultsoccer@centresoccer.

Day of the Week: Sundays
Spring Season: Early/Mid April - Mid June 
Fall Season: September - November

Time: Early evening: Kickoffs at 7pm.

Locations: SCASD North Field

Cost: $65 per player

Winter Scramble

The Adult 11v11 Winter Scramble is a recreational Coed Adult In-house league. This is a short 4 match season outdoors in November and December. Full field, FIFA Rules, except no slide tacking, with referees. Offsides will be called. Scores are kept for seeding purposes if applicable only in later rounds. No award is given for 1st place. Competition, sportsmanship, and fair play are the focus of the league. Just some fun, full field, 11v11 soccer!!! 


Questions: Email SCPL Commissioner at 

Day of the Week: Sundays
Winter Scramble: November/December

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

Cost: $TBD per person

SCPL Summer Scramble

The SCPL Summer Scramble is an 8v8 league based on the very competitive State College Premier League. The league will make the teams. You can register with a friend if both put down each others name. New players should have competitive soccer experience. Registration will close quickly as soon as we get the maximum number of players. 

Questions: Email SCPL Commissioner at

Days of the Week: Tuesday & Thursday

Season: Summer (June- July)

Time: 7:00pm

Location: Fogleman Field Complex

Cost: $65


CSA's Adult 8v8 B League is for players of an intermediate level to high level players. This is a competitive league but a step down from the Premier League. Players can sign up as individuals and we will assign you to a team or get a team together to play with your friends and co-workers. This league plays outdoors in the Spring and Fall.


Questions? Contact the B-LEAGUE commissioner at 

Day of the Week: Fridays and some Tuesdays
Spring Season: Mid April - Mid June  [SP24: Starts Friday 4/12/24, Ends 6/7/24. No game 5/24/24.]
Fall Season: September - November
Length: Minimum of 7 games, SCPL format: 8v8 with one referee and 30-minute halves.

Time: Evenings

Location: SCASD North Field- Turf/Lights

Cost: $70

View the Current League Results here.

State College Premier League

The main goal of the SCPL is to provide a competitive arena for players to enjoy the game of soccer.  

This is a team-based league that plays in Spring and Fall. Common sense should play a major role in each player’s attitude towards officials, opponents, and their teammates. Scores will be kept and a champion named at the end of the season. Individuals are responsible for forming their own teams or joining an existing squad. If you don't have a team, email the commissioners and they will put you in touch with other interested players. Teams are expected to provide their own uniforms. (8 Team max)

Unlike other CSA Adult option, individuals are not placed on teams automatically. You captain will send you the code to be added to the roster.

Questions? Contact the SCPL Commissioner at

Want to join a team? Email the captains with your age, position, and experience level at

Day of the Week: Sundays
Spring Season: Early/Mid April - Mid June 
Fall Season: September - November

Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Location: TBD

Cost: $850 per team

View the SCPL Hall of Fame here.

View the Current League Results here.

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