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Kids Playing Soccer
Kids Playing Soccer

FUNdamental Program

Centre Soccer's FUNdamental Program is designed to meet the needs of our youngest players, all programming is focused on making the game fun and is focused on learning the basic skills of the game. The Fundamental Programs are an introduction to soccer, providing players repetition on the ball and learning the basic skills of the game. Includes teaching: fundamental movements, running (forwards, backwards and sideways), jumping, turning, twisting and bending. Individual players spend as much time as possible on the ball and everything is done to make the game FUN!

No scores are kept in games. No Referees will be used. Coaches are to restart play when the ball goes out of bounds, with a kick in from the sidelines and kicks from any ball out on the end lines (goal or corner) and at midfield after a goal. Goals should be celebrated. Fouls are not called but coaches should keep play safe and fun for players. No slide tackling is allowed. Coaches are allowed on the field to assist players. All age groups are coed and training to games is broken down to a 1 to 1 ratio. (1 practice, 1 game a week)

Age Groups

You can find the age groups and practice information for our FUNdamental Programs below!

Young Soccer Player
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