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Developmental Program

Centre Soccer’s Developmental Program is designed to help all players reach their potential in a fun, safe environment while taking the player's current ability into consideration. The Developmental Program is for players at all ability levels. Players are grouped by ability for one training day and then are divided up evenly in team practices as well as games and festivals. Our main focus is on technical development and basic tactical principles are introduced. Players will play in games vs other CSA teams. They will also have the opportunity to scrimmage other local clubs. 

Essentially, the Developmental Program at these ages is for players who are looking to learn the skills of the game. They are ready for a more structured training environment and are starting to understand the principles of the game. Coaches are provided with a curriculum to ensure that we are building on previous seasons. Players are often identified from the developmental program to be a part of CSA's Travel teams. 

Age Groups

You can find the age groups and practice information for our Developmental Programs below!

Young Soccer Player

Why ability groups and team sessions?

If an activity does not fit the needs of the player, the player will show either frustration or boredom, depending on if the exercise is too easy or too difficult. By ability grouping we are able to make sure that the training activities are neither. Children grow at different rates, even within the same age groups, some are shorter or taller, some have better balance, are stronger, etc. If a player is new to the game, they can learn in a safe, fun environment. If a player has been playing for years and needs to be challenged, they will be. All players are then able to find success and learn in the activities within their groups. 

*For more look up *The “Slanty Line” concept. Built on the belief that with every activity, each participant should have the opportunity to participate at their own ability level.  

Understanding where your child is developmentally is important in creating the right soccer environment for your child. Centre Soccer's programs are designed to meet the needs of players based on where they are. Talent takes time. Players develop at different rates and times, possess different work ethics, have a variety of motivations, and receive different levels of instruction. Player development is a long process. Our goal is to give all players the opportunity to reach their potential.

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