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State Law Change Affects All Clubs

The PA Child Protective Services Law changed effective January 1, 2015.  All background checks must be completed using the provider designated by Pennsylvania per the requirements of the law.  Individuals fall into two categories…paid and volunteer…and each has its own set of required clearances. All individuals must upload the required documents into the PA West Soccer Online Risk Management System (link to the portal and additional info at the bottom of the page).

Volunteers must provide the following:

  -State Police Criminal Record Check

  -PA Child Abuse History Clearance

  -if PA resident for at least the past 10 years…a complete and notarized Volunteer affidavit

  -if PA resident for less than the past 10 years…FBI Criminal Background Check

  -SafeSport Certification (must use link provided below)


Please use the links below to find out how to obtain the necessary clearances!

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